What Love Is

What love is?
Let me tell you this:
It's when there is nothing left behind.
It's when you sure win, but first you fight.
It's when there is no step left or right.
Love is when there is nowhere to hide.

Love - what's that?
Have I told you yet?
It is patience when you can't hold back.
It is for each forward - a half step back.
It is letting go to have it back.
Love is winding, yet circular track.

Love is not a blessing, is not a gift;
Love is state - you've got to conquer it!
Love is war - no one returns from it.
Love is challenge that no one can beat.

Love is not a duel, is not a race;
Love is relay run - just keep the pace!
Love is test that you could never pass.
Love is not about you in first place.

Love is what you get is what you lose.
Love is every probable excuse.
Love has never been for you to choose.
Love takes infinite strength to refuse.

What love is?
Listen close to this:
It is back to what you did start from.
It is haven, like eye of a storm.
It is memories burning safe and warm.
Love does always can't help but return.



What Love Is

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